Opposing Viewpoints in Context – Gale Cengage Learning

Database Info
Opposing Viewpoints in Context
Subscription Database from Gale Cengage Learning
Reference Resource

Gale Publishing as part of Cengage Learning offers a convenient and easy to navigate option for exploring hotly debated topics, from both sides of the issue. Opposing Viewpoints in Context allows the user to investigate a variety of perspectives on important and often controversial issues. For teenagers who are in the process of finding their place in the world and solidifying their opinions and beliefs, this is a great resource allowing them to view major issues from a number of different viewpoints, thus allowing them to decide where they themselves stand.

Reader’s Annotation
Opposing Viewpoints in Context allows users to research major issues from a variety of perspectives. It is a great way to help you decide where you stand on a particular issue, or to try to better understand those who think differently.

Critical Evaluation
Teenagers are just reaching a point in their life where they are learning about major controversial issues and trying to figure out where they themselves stand on them. This is a great resource, geared to teenagers, is a great resource that highlights major issues and explains them from all of the major points of view. This allows database users to look at an issue objectively and decide which viewpoint they agree with most. This is yet another resource I wish I had known about as a teenager since it would have made understanding complex political and other controversial issues so much easier. It would have helped me to both understand the opposition, as well as further justify my own beliefs.

Reading Level/ Interest Age

Why Included?
This is another database subscribed to by my local library that is geared towards teens. I found its content to be of interest and beneficial for young minds who are trying to understand complex issues.


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