Game Informer Magazine

Magazine Info
Game Informer
Editor-in-Chief: Andy McNamara
Publisher: GameStop Corporation

Most popular among young males, Game Informer is a monthly magazine that features articles, news, strategy, and reviews of video games of all kinds. The magazine is distributed by GameStop Corp. who also operates a national chain of video game stores. The magazine focuses on video games for PCs as well as those made for Wii, Nintendo DS, 3DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable,  and Xbox 360 game platforms.

Reader’s Annotation
Game Informer magazine is the monthly resource for everything that is new and great in the world of video games.

Critical Evaluation
This magazine has a strong appeal for teenage boys in providing the latest in video game news and reviews. It offers a great service to the video game playing population with strategies, game studio interviews, news about new and future games, and reviews of games so that people can see if a game is worth it before buying. With video games going for upwards of $30 a piece and the often limited budget of most teenagers, this magazine is a great resource to help gamers make decisions about which games to purchase and which to forget about.

Video Game Information

Reading Level/ Interest Age

Challenge Issues

Why Included?
I was looking for a magazine that appeals to a young male audience, and this seemed like a perfect fit.


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