Dance Central (Xbox)

Game Info
Dance Central for Xbox Kinect
Release Date: December 28, 2010
Rated T (teen)
ASIN: B004I5EE46

Dance Central is the breakthrough new dance game from Harmonix, the makers of the other hit franchise Rock Band. Dance Central utilizes Xbox’s new Kinect technology with allows the player to actually be the controller. The game features a large collection of hit dance songs from the present and past that have been choreographed and grouped by choreography difficulty. The player simply follows along, mirroring the avatar who is dancing on the screen in front of you. Players have the option to dive right in to dancing along with the song, or to “break it down” and learn the specific dance moves in small, easy to manage chunks in order to truly master the game. Also, seeing as this game is very active and players are likely to work up a sweat, players can activate “work out mode” and get an idea of exactly how many calories they are burning while playing!

Reader’s Annotation
Without the need for a controller, bust your moves and burn some calories with Dance Central for Xbox Kinect.

Critical Evaluation
I absolutely love this game. It serves so many purposes and is ridiculously fun to boot. I love that it gets people off of the couch and actually makes working out fun and interesting. You don’t even realize it’s happening! Also, while the multiplayer functionality is not that great, it is a great game for parties or groups since it’s interactive and players, or simply observers and cheer each other on. The dance moves range from simple to complex for all levels of dancer and are set to popular hits from across the decades. It has been said that choreographed dancing is one of the greatest things you can do for your mind and your body, because you are forced to keep your brain active to think of the next steps as well as move your body to the beat.

Reading Level/ Interest Age

Why Included?
I love when a video game serves multiple purposes and this is a perfect example of a game that combines mental stimulation with physical activity, and executes it masterfully.


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