Portal 2 (PS3)

Game Info
Portal 2 for PS3
Release Date: April 19, 2011
Rated E10+ (everyone age 10 and older)
ASIN: B003O6E3C8

Portal 2 can be described as a first-person puzzle-platform video game that was developed and released by Valve Corporation for PC and a number of video game platforms. Portal 2, much like its predecessor Portal, requires the player to solve a series of puzzles. The player must maneuver an on screen character, and/or objects, through portals that the player creates using a portal gun. The portal gun is used to create a pair of teleportation portals, where if you enter one portal you will automatically exit through its counterpart, or vice versa. The portals can only be placed on flat planes, and as the puzzles increase in difficulty, the player must get increasingly creative with their portal placement in order to solve the puzzle. While the gameplay basics are very similar to the first Portal, Portal 2 has added new elements such as tractor beams and laser redirection.

Reader’s Annotation
Portal 2 is the long awaited sequel to the addictive puzzle game Portal. The same portals you know and love, with new added features!

Critical Evaluation
Portal 2 is a classic puzzle game that gets players thinking as the levels increase in difficulty. It is the long awaited sequel to the much loved cult classic, Portal, and upon release lived up to all of its hype with consistent reviews of a 9-10 out of 10. One reviewer went so far as to call it “the perfect marriage of sharp young designers’ fresh ideas and big-studio polish.” The game has mass appeal for both male and female gamers and features fun references to pop culture, which is always a fun added element for players who like to feel special when they are in the know and “get” a reference. And of course, it’s always great to have games that serve more of a purpose than just mindless gaming, but actually stimulate brain function and get kids (and adults alike) thinking!

Reading Level/ Interest Age

Why Included?
It is the sequel to a much loved game and will appeal to almost anyone.


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