Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix (Music)

CD Info
Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix
©2009 Glass Note Records
ASIN: B0021X515S

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is the fourth studio album, but first mainstream release of French rockers, Phoenix. This album offers refreshing indie pop rock illustrated by the singles “1901” and “Lisztomania.” The album can be described as indie music, with alternative rock and synth pop also as accurate descriptors. Relatively unknown outside of France, this album escalated them to mainstream greatness, with many songs repeatedly used in movies and commercials.

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is the fourth studio album from the French rock band Phoenix, but the first to reach great heights in international fame. With the release of the single “1901,” the album became a huge success in America and for very good reason.

Critical Evaluation
With the radio release of “1901,” Phoenix to the U.S. by storm, and they are more than just a one hit wonder. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is literally packed to the brim with hit-worthy songs, and their perfect blend of rock and pop will make them appeal to almost anyone. The album as a whole has an upbeat and happy feel that just makes you feel good and want to sing along. The lyrics at times can seem a little nonsensical, and I’m not sure if this is intentional or because they are French, but it didn’t detract at all from the album’s overall likeability.

Information about the Artist
Phoenix is a Grammy Award winning French indie rock band from Versailles, founded by Thomas Mars, Deck d’Arcy, Christian Mazzalai and Laurent Brancowitz.

Vocalist Thomas Mars, bassist Deck d’Arcy, and guitarist Chris Mazzalai started as a garage band based out of Mars’ house in the suburbs of Paris. In 1995, Laurent Brancowitz, Mazzalai’s older brother, permanently joined the band on guitar after the end of the short-lived band Darlin’ he formed with Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (who together became Daft Punk). Two years later the band took on the name Phoenix and pressed 500 copies of a single on their own label, Ghettoblaster. Shortly after, they were signed to the Paris-based Source Records. Phoenix became well acquainted with labelmates Air when they acted as their backing band on several U.K. TV appearances. They were the backing band for a remix of Air’s “Kelly Watch the Stars” single. They currently hold a very close friendship with the members of Daft Punk.

Indie Rock

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Challenge Issues

Why Included?
In the interest of musical variety, I wanted to choose a rock band to include. Phoenix has been around for a while, but only recently reached commercial success. They are a great example of great musicality and fun rock music.


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